Girls Circle

Girls Circle is a support group for adolescent girls (11-15 years old) which meet weekly to discuss different topics, many of which are everyday teenage struggles.

Girls Circle is a research-based program and groups across the nation have consistently shown an increase in self efficacy, social connection, body image, liking school and better communication with adults. In addition, they have shown a decrease in self-harming behaviors and alcohol use. The group is open to all females from every socio-economic, geographical, ethnic population, religion, and sexual identification. The group is continuous, every Thursday from 4:00pm-5:00pm, cycling through different specific topics every 8-10 weeks, but always opens to new members.

Topics include:

  1. Friendship – Confronts exclusion, intolerance and feuding while building pride, confidence, and empathy.

  2. Being A Girl – Addresses growth, self-care, and female role models.

  3. Body Image – Examines the cultural messages and personal beliefs that influence body image.

  4. Honoring Our Diversity – Recognizes cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds while emphasizing positive identity and alliance building.

  5. Mind, Body, Spirit – Addresses drugs and alcohol, healthy decision making, positive decision-making with sexuality, and recognizing and reducing high-risk behaviors.

  6. Expressing My Individuality – Celebrating individuality and diversity, getting along with others, addressing goals, conflict styles, felling good about ourselves, and taking time to relax.

  7. Relationships with Peers – Awareness of relationships with themselves and others.

  8. Who I Am – Examines goal setting and assertiveness.

  9. Paths to the Future – Examines friendships, trust, authority, mother/daughter relationships, sexuality, dating violence, HIV, drug abuse, stress, and goal setting. 


Girls Circle